What we do.

Foundation Chinese Yang Sheng and TCM is a non-profit organisation which focusses on 3 main pillars:

Promotion – Research – Education


The Foundation is set up by notarial deed on 20 januari 2016.  Under the supervision of Mr. Sijbrand Michiel Feikema, notary in Castricum – Netherlands.

The Goal of the Foundation is: to promote Chinese yangsheng culture and Chinese medicine.  The Foundation serves the common good.  The Foundation has no profit motive.

The Board of directors:  Chair woman Miss E. Chuyen and Secretary / Treasurer Mr. T.  Verkamer

Funding sources:

  • Sales of 2nd hand books
  • Sales of Trimestrial Magazine
  • Partnership programs
  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Sponsorship

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