University for the elderly

UGL – University for the Advanced in Lifetime

UGL is a social preventive health initiative directed to the enlargement of self-reliance, independence and own responsibility of elderly (Advanced in Lifetime).
The program consists of a morning- and afternoon program which can be taken separately. The project aims to enlarge knowledge and skills in relation to preventive health care.
The morning program is a sports program while the afternoon program focuses more on creative/artistic or informative activities.
The project starts on Friday 16th of September and continues during 20 weeks.
For the elderly 55+ participation is completely free.
UGL Amsterdam


Lezing Prof. D. Deeg

Meeting center ‘De Wachter’
Wolbrantskerkweg 54
1069 DA Amsterdam

Curious what the program looks like?
For registration and/or questions please send an email to

9.30h                     Walk In
10h – 12h                Exercise program (Qigong & Fitness)
12h – 12.30h          Break
12.30h – 14h      Creative / informative afternoon program
Practical information:
You can reach the Ontmoetingscentrum De Wachter by public transport

Bamboo Class 2 – Tram 17 to Osdorp Dijkgraafplein, get off at  Hoekenes (Tussen Meer), 2 min walk.
 – Tram 1 to Osdorp De Aker, get off at (Pieter Calandlaan), 8 min walk.

There is space for people with a walker, please let us know beforehand.
It’s always fun to bring someone with you.
We will serve some food  during the break.
You don’t need to register, but it would be nice to know it beforehand so we can calculate how many people we can expect.
There’s no need for special clothes, wear something that’s comfy for you.
If you have any questions feel free to email us