Rugzakken vanaf EUR 39,90Yang Sheng Travel is a community with the goal of promoting studying abroad.  It is a travel community aimed at bringing together people in their search of knowledge and skill in the world of TCM and Yang Sheng. By means of our  fb-groep those who are interested in meeting like minded people can exchange information and ask questions concerning travel en study abroad.  You can share your experience or look for travel companions to join in travel or organizing your study trip. So are you traveling?  Are you taking a great course abroad and do you like to share this with other people?  Would you like to take a course or get an education but you don’t know what or how?  Then let us hear your voice and who knows maybe within our group you can find some answers. The main theme of YS Travel are:
  • Study abroad
  • Organizing together
  • Sharing information and experience
Relevant subjects:
  • Chinese Medicine & Yang sheng
  • Neidan & Neigong
  • Chinese Martial Arts
  • Daoisme / Boeddhisme / Confucianisme
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