Yang Sheng Travel is a community set-up by the Foundation CNYS-TCM with the goal of promoting studying outside the Benelux.  Its a travel-community directed at bringing together people with a search for knowledge and skill within the field of TCM and Yangsheng.

By means of a fb-group we created a platform to get in contact with same minded people.  Here you can share experience or look for travel compagnons to organize your own study trip.

Are you going on a trip, are you taking a decent training or course in a foreign country and do you like to share this with other people?  Would you want to take a course or get proper training but you dont know how? Then speak up and who knows you will find your answer here.


  • The pilars of YS Travel are:

    • Studying abroad
    • Organizing and travelling as a group
    • Sharing information and experiences

    Subjects applicable to this group:

    • Chinese Medicine & Yang sheng
    • Neidan & Neigong
    • Chinese Martial Arts
    • Daoisme / Boeddhisme / Confucianisme

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