seidenbild3As a non-profit-organization we offer free sports classes. We do this by connecting volunteer instructors with interest-groups. Of course not just any group can apply for these classes. Our focus is on non-profit organizations that aim to ameliorate the well-being of their own specific target population. Bringing sports classes to people who would otherwise lack the means or opportunities to follow such classes. The main focus of the instructional sports classes is to enhance the health and well-being of the participants. All sports are health oriented and find their base in Chinese culture.

The goal is to give people tools to become more independent in their health maintenance and thereby lowering healthcare costs. We ask our participants to evaluate the classes and to participate in the questionnaires given at the end of a series. In this way we can enhance the quality of our classes and gather information to make an impact assessment, thus contributing to the field of research. All our instructors are next to being a volunteer for the organization also professionally involved in giving classes. Therefore it is always possible after receiving free classes to purchase additional lessons. (Ask for our Terms and Conditions)

Classes are given in sets of 4 weeks (1 or 2 hours – 1 or 2 times a week depending on the arrangement with the individual instructor). Multiple series are possible with a maximum of 3 series a year. Classes are given for free. If you are happy with our services you can always give the instructor a tip at the end of the series or make a donation to the foundation.


How does it work?

Process: Are you as a group interested in receiving free sports classes? Then contact us to enter the selection procedure.
1 We assess if your organization qualifies to receive free instructional sports classes
2 We see if there is a volunteer who lives nearby and willing to make the cooperation
3 Fill in the details together with the volunteer instructor

Process: Are you as a sports instructor interested in giving free classes? Then contact us to enter the selection procedure.
1 Personal interview where you present yourself and your instructorship
2 Try-out class
3 Entering our volunteer database and setting out mutual guidelines

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