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Promoting chinese culture

Foundation Chinese Yang Sheng and TCM

Because health is our most important asset

TCM Chinese geneeskunde

Never stop learning

We Promote
Do research
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Gathering and spreading knowledge about Chinese medicine and healthculture is our most important task.

So we can be of service

with what can we be of assistance?

magazine chinese geneeskunde


3 Times a Year we publish a magazine with interviews, articles and all kinds of information about Chinese Medicine and Culture.

Pillars of chinese medicine

Culture, History, Basic Theory, Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture & Moxa, Massage, Nutrition, Movement

Research & Organisation

Read the interviews from our magazine. 2 years post publishing date

Holistic Medicine

Daoisme, boeddhisme, confucianisme, feng shui, divinatie, magie, ...

Chuyen Meiyu

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Verkamer Tony

Content Creator

because we love Chinese medicine

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