Foundation CNYS

Foundation Chinese Yang sheng and TCM   中医养生基金会

“Because health is our most important asset”

The Foundation “Chinese Yang sheng and TCM” is a non-profit organization with the objective of making Chinese Yang sheng Health Culture and Chinese medicine an integral and fully-fledged part of the Benelux landscape.

The Foundation is characterized by 3 pillars: promotion, research and education. We find it important that people can gain the knowledge and skills to be able to take their responsibility in shaping health and well-being. In addition, the Foundation wants to be especially at the service of the professional field through the promotion of professionals within the field and support through scientific research.

The financing of the daily activities is done by the sales of 2nd hand books and the magazine which is released 3 times a year and by the grace of our donors.

Do you want to know how we are trying to achieve these goals? Then take a look at our website and see what you can do to contribute to the health of yourself and your fellow man.