Culture & History

Knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of Dao.


"A nations culture resides in the Hearts and in the soul of its people." - Mahatma Ghandi -


"A person without the knowledge of their past, history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." - Marcus Gravey -

Through the looking glass

about culture and cultural identity


Yang Sheng and Chinese Medicine are two aspects of Chinese culture.  You soon discover that if you want to study these two aspects, you must first understand some core aspects of Chinese culture.  Culture is a well-known concept that we often encounter in our current ‘multicultural’ society.  But what is exactly is meant when we talk about culture?  In this article, we want to take a closer look at that question and study its relationship with cultural identity.

the magic of chinese medicine

about the roots of chinese medicine


This article is about the search fort he roots of Chinese medicine.  A topic that sparks many discussions.  Especially when we talk about its magic.  Because there is of course nothing magical about Chinese medicine.  It must above all be scientific and explainable on the basis of Western theoretical models.  Eric Marié – president of the Conseil Académique Francais de la medicine Chinoise – confirms that not everyone is equally happy with this.  He points out that it is absurd to subject Chinese medicine to a methodology designed by and for Western medicine.  Not only does this cause Chinese medicinet o lose its identity, but ita lso prevents researchers from being encouraged to devise alternative methodologies that are compatible with the basic foundations of CM.