As a Foundation we always question ourself: How can we be of service?  –  Being of service to people who can benefit from Chinese Health Culture and being of service to the professional within the field.

Besides promoting professionals and the field itself, conducting and promoting of supportive research and sponsorship of events or initiatives; CNYS also organises promotional and / or research oriented activities that are beneficial to as many people as possible.  Because a culture of health must above all be experienced.  Central to every project is the question:  how can we better integrate Chinese Health Culture within the regular healthcare landscape.


Recent projects:

University for the advanced in living (Amsterdam 2017)

UGL was a social preventive healthcare initiative focused on enhancing the self-reliance, independence and own responsibility of the elderly (advanced in living).  The program consisted of a morning and afternoon program who could be taken seperately.  The main focus was to augment knowledge and skill in preventive health care capabilities.  The morning program was a sports program with one hour of fitness excercise and one hour of qigong.  The afternoon program focused on creative / artistic or informative activities.