-Belgian Acupunctors Federation – BAFBAF

BAF is the biggest professionals association for acupuncturists in Belgium and was founded in 1982.  The organization was recognized as such by the Council of State on September 14th 1998 and by Royal decree on Februari 10th 2003.

-European Federation of Oriental Medicine

Eufom is a Belgian professionals association for acupuncturists.  They are part of ETCMA.  Their goals are to involve themselves in discussions concerning acupuncture and norm-setting within the acupuncture educational system.  Co-operation in scientific research.  Defending the interests of their members.  Defending acupuncture in the future health care system, national as well as European.

-BVGA Belgische Vereniging van Geneesheren – Acupuncturisten

BVGA was founded in 1973.  They are an important interlocutor for the authorities when it comes to the legal aspects concerning the profession of acupuncture.  Their belief is that acupuncture is a medical act and therefore is should only be practiced by a doctor who can make a Western diagnose before attributing acupuncture as a suitable therapy for the problem.

ABADIC – Association Belge des Acupuncteurs Diplomés de Chine (Union Professionelle)

ABADIC is a professionals association for acupuncturists and is a member of ETCMA and WFAS.  They are officially recognized since February 10th 2003.  They are linked with the European branch of the Shanghai College of TCM.


-OTCG Opleidingsinstituut voor Traditioneel Chinese Geneeswijzen


In 2014 the Educational institute for Traditional Medicine celebrated its 25th anniversary.  It’s slogan is: Loyal to tradition.  In there curriculum the five large pillars of TCM are represented: Acupuncture, Massage, Taiji & Qigong, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.  They are housed inside the “Karel de Grote Hoge School” in Antwerp.  The school features ISO qualification and the Flemish government supports with financial contributions for Flemish students.

-ICZO vzw Instituut voor Complementaire ZorgOpleidingen

ICZO is an educational institute with a wide range of educational activities for (para) medical trained target groups.  ICZO directs itself towards the health sector of medical and paramedical personnel that wishes to re-educate or specialize within their own profession.  For TCM these consist of Acupuncture, Tuina Therapist, Nutritional expert, herbalist, Therepeutical Chinese Health Care consisting also of Daoyin Qigong.