Yijing and TCM

Workshop – Practical application of the Yijing or Book of Changes as a tool for diagnosis in Chinese Medicine.

Aanmeldingsformulier Workshop


The famous doctor Sun Yikui (ca. 1522-1699) is credited with the words “If you don’t know Yijing, you are inadequate to be called a great physician.” Several doctors in Chinese history used the Yijing or Book of Changes as a diagnostic tool to gain deeper insight in a patient’s condition or to pinpoint the cause of an illness. But how did they do that? One of the tools they used was Wenwanggua.

In this fascinating workshop we will examine the use of the hexagrams from the Yijing as a diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine. You will learn:

• a short history of the Yijing
• a short history of the Yijing and Chinese medicine
• the components of a hexagram and their application:
o trigrams
o lines
o …and their relationships
o the application of these components during a diagnosis
• The application of Wenwanggua 文王卦 for medical purposes:
o the wuxing 五行, ‘the Five Phases’ and where to find them in a hexagram
o the purpose of the liuqin 六親, ‘the Six Relationships’ and their mutual connections
o the function of the Office & Ghost line as indication of the illness and the Offspring line as indication of the cure
o the application of the ganzhi 干支 Stems & Branches and where to find them in a hexagram
o the weakness and strength of the wuxing, liuqin and ganzhi in a hexagram and what this means for your diagnosis
o examples of medical Wenwanggua from classical and modern literature.
At the end of this workshop you have learned to use Wenwanggua as a tool that complements your own initial diagnosis. The workshop comes with a workbook that contains all the material that will be covered during the day.




Friday 9th of June 2017 @ Shenzhou University – Geldersekade 67 1011 EK Amsterdam.
10 a.m. until 5 p.m. / Bring your own lunch. Coffee and Tea will be provided.



Saturday 29th of July @ Shenzhou University – Geldersekade 67 1011 EK Amsterdam.
10 a.m. until 5 p.m. / Bring your own lunch. Tea will be provided.


Costs for the workshop are 60 euro incl. BTW. We are able to offer this exclusive workshop at a low price because of the non-profit set-up. This holds the following disclaimer: There’s only 20 tickets available; no more – no less. Registration is until 7th May midnight. When there are less than 20 paying registrations the workshop will be cancelled and all the registrations will get a full refund. This will be announced the 29th of June on the workshop website page. Because of this collective structure it is not possible to cancel your reservation after closing of the registrations – this happens when there are 20 participants – you will get confirmation when this happens.  After closing the workshop no refunds will be granted. If you are unable to participate in the workshop you are allowed to give your registration to someone else, please inform the organization 24h in advance.

You can register by filling out the form on the workshop page or by sending an email to info@cnys-tcm.com. After a few minutes u will receive an automatic reply, if u didn’t receive this please contact us. When you receive your pre-reservation you transfer 60 euro to the Foundation CNYS with your name and the name of the workshop. After we receive the payment your registration is complete and you will get a confirmation.

When we have reached the limit of 20 participants, there will be a waiting list. When this list reaches another 20 people an extra workshop will be organized. People who are on the waiting list will then be informed about a second workshop and will get first chance at registration. For any further information about the host of this event we suggest you read our newsletter 1st Q 2017 or take a look at the website of Harmen Mesker. www.yjcn.nl