Our department Yang Sheng Connect is the driving force behind our workshops.  Connecting experts within the field of Chinese Medicine or Yang sheng with institutions and students.  The approach of the workshops is twofold:

  • Creating employment opportunities for professionals within the field.
  • Offering a varied and extensive workshop program to students.

Price – setting of the workshop is in this way that it is affordable for the sutdent yet still offers an attractive and worthy salary for the teacher.  Next to that a small percentage goes to the organisation to cover the costs incurred.  So from the Foundation it concerns a non-profit activity.

Accreditation or not?

We often get the question whether our workshops are accredited. This is a question that we as a Foundation have thoroughly thought about and we have finally decided to make the choice not to have our workshops accredited. We would like to take you along in our decision -making process.

Keeping participation costs low is a priority for us. By keeping the price low, we want to encourage students to take workshops more often. This not only benefits the development of the student, it also provides more employment for the teacher. The two main objectives in setting up the workshop concept.

The accreditation process has several difficulties:

Firstly, the price of a workshop is a lot more expensive if you want to have it accredited. The consequence of this is that people can follow fewer workshops but also that the part of students whome has less financial capacity is excluded from participation. In addition, participants pay the same price regardless of whether they benefit from the accreditation or not. People who do not benefit from an accreditation pay more for the same service. Think of people who are not affiliated with another professional association, people who come from abroad etc. For them accreditation is not interesting and it would therefore be unjust to ask for more money for something they do not benefit from. If we want to act impartially as a Foundation, we should apply for accreditation from Zhong, NVA, NBCGYi, VBAG, RBCZ etc .; with all associated costs.

As a second point, non-accreditation of the workshops has the advantage that we do not compete with the established training centers that offer these accredited workshops. This is also an important point since we as a Foundation wish to promote the development of TCM and Chinese health culture and consequently also wish to support those same training centers.

We hope to welcome you soon at one of our workshops.

The 2019 program will soon appear on our website.
If you are interested in specific topics and would like to follow a workshop about this, let us know and who knows we may also have a workshop with your favorite topic.

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