What we do

Foundation Chinese Yang sheng & TCM is a non-profit organisation whose focus is on three pilars: sport, research and education.

Financing of the Foundation happens through the enterprise of Yang sheng which contributes to attaining the predetermined goals of CNYS by carrying out various activities.  All the profits made by these activities go directly towards the Foundation for setting up ‘Charity – projects’.  The company also has three pillars:  Yang sheng On Tour – Yang sheng Connect and Yang sheng Travel.

Yang sheng On Tour

On Tour is a service company focused on Health support within companies.  If a company has the ambition to take their Health policy to a higher level, we are ready to provide advice and support.  We do this through offering in-house massage service, sports classes, workshops and intervention programs.  On Tour has a collaboration with the BV Yang sheng Connect.  This means that next to working with their own people, we also provide job opportunity for professionals within the field.


Yang sheng Connect

Connect originated from the connecting role that CNYS wishes to play in the area of Chinese health culture. Through Connect we try to create job opportunity for professionals in the field. We do this among other things by organizing workshops for both the private market (Foundation CNYS) or within the business community (On Tour).  When a companie is interested in organizing weekly classes then our Connect companie is functioning as an intermediator.  In this way the companie customer is garanteed of the service he is looking for as we look for the best options for hiring a teacher.  The professional instructor on the other hand has less work finding job opportunities.