Yang sheng Travel is a recently established department within the CNYS Foundation (Start 2019). The purpose of YS Travel is that of a travel community aimed at bringing people together in their search for knowledge and expertise within the world of TCM and Yangsheng.  Of course, within this branch of the Foundation, the search is in the country of origin. By means of a fb group and mailing list we keep people informed about trips we undertake, we think along and the group is a source of information regarding travelling to China.  Are you travelling, are you studying or taking course in China and do you like to share this with others? Or would you like to follow a course or take up a study but dont know what or how? Then make a call within the group and who knows you will find your answer within the travel community.

The pillars of YS Travel are:

  • Studying abroad
    • Share information and experiences
    • Training and courses
    • TCM & Yangsheng
    • Taoism & Neidan
  • Organize together and travel together