A main point of focus within the organization is to contribute to the field of research concerning Chinese Yang sheng and TCM. We do this on different levels:

A. Making an impact assessment of the given sports classes by gathering information of the perceived effects and experiences of participants.

We do this by handing out surveys at the end of every series. Asking our instructors to gather information about the effect of their classes and to develop a critical look on what they instruct and the possible benefits.

B. Conducting scientific research about Chinese Yang sheng and TCM

The focus for the Strategic Plan 2016-2020 is on the subject of Qigong.

C. Subsidize and support research in the field of CNYS and TCM.

In the support of research on this field we aim to connect researchers, scholars, experts, etc… Creating a platform from where knowledge and experience can be shared.

D. The development of intervention processes based on Chinese Health Culture.

Integration of Chinese Health culture into the regular health care system is a complex proces and demands a long-term effort.  In this view we are developing different intervention processes which we firstly implement on a local level to research the value and effectiveness of the intervention.