Foundation CNYS

Foundation Chinese Yang sheng and TCM   中医养生基金会

“Because health is our most important asset”

The Foundation for Chinese Yang sheng and TCM is a a non-profit organization which is committed to increase the level of health of people. Through promotion of Yang sheng health practices and TCM we wish to ameliorate general well-being.

Chinese Yang sheng can be translated as the nourishment of life. It can be found in everyday activities. Brushing your teeth, exercise, massage or even driving safely.  Every action can contribute to a better or worse state of health. Our Foundation focuses on education through workshops, lectures, research, social events and instruction of health based sports.

Our main goal is to make people more independent when it comes to building and maintaining health.  To take more responsibility for their health and to give them the tools and knowledge to do this.

Unfortunately health can be a complicated issue and therefore additional help is a necessary thing from time to time.  Therefore we have the ambition to promote and support the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To contribute to the quality and credibility of what we propagate, instruct and promote – we support our actions through conducting and stimulating scientific research about Chinese Yang sheng and TCM.