As a Foundation we ask ourselves the question: How can we be at service? – At the service of the people who can benefit from Chinese health culture and at the service of the field of professionals who provide these services.

Because the Foundation is self-sufficient in its resources, we have profit and non-profit activities. However, all income always belongs to the Foundation. This means that all income is used for the daily operation of the Foundation and for the execution of projects.

The non-profit activities consist of the components:

  • Sport
    • Free or donation-based sports activities
  • Research
    • Supporting the field by supplying and supporting scientific research within the field
  • Education
    • Magazine 3x / year – organisation of affordable workshops through the Yang sheng CONNECT system
  • Yang sheng CONNECT
    • Supporting the professional through job-creation including organisation of workshops and finding and outsourcing teaching assignments
  • Yang sheng TRAVEL
    • Community building to promote the study of Chinese Health Education abroad
  • Specific projects
    • eg. UGL project 2017

The for-profit activities that must support all these components:

  • Yang sheng ON TOUR
    • Offering on-site massage for companies
  • Health Center (Headquarters)
    • Chinese Health Center Oud-Vossmeer
  • On line webshop
    • Books – contributing to the objectives of our educational mission
    • Magazine subscription – delivered at home

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